Citizenship: Brigham Young University

2017-2018 Executive Committee Member, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
2017-2018 Acting Head of Section, Spanish Linguistics
2017-2018 Faculty Council on Rank & Status (member)
2017-2018 Chair, Rank & Status Committee (Department of Spanish & Portuguese)
2014-2017 Graduate coordinator (Department of Spanish & Portuguese)
2011-2014 Associate Chair (Department of Spanish & Portuguese)
2010-2013 Rank & Status Committee (College of Humanities)
2007-2014 Head of Section (Spanish Linguistics)
2007- Committee Member: Executive Committee (Department of Spanish & Portuguese)
2003-2007 Rank & Status Committee (Department of Spanish & Portuguese)

Administrative Experience: Exeter University

1993-2000 Member of the University Appointments Board
1991 Chair of the Standing Committee on Examination Conventions in the Faculty of Arts
1989-1991 Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts
1989-1990 Acting Senior Warden of the Duryard Halls of Residence
1984-1987 Member of Senate
1981-1995 Warden of Murray House

Department of Spanish/ School of Modern Languages

1998-2000 Head of the Department of Spanish
1997-1998 Deputy Chair of the School of Modern Languages
1996-1998 Director of Studies (Year Abroad)

External Examining: United Kingdom

1999-2000 BA Spanish in the School of European Studies, University of Cardiff
1998-1999 Final Honour School of the University of Oxford
1997-1998 Final Honour School of the University of Cambridge
1988 MPhil thesis in Spanish Sociolinguistics submitted to the University of London
1987 GCSE (Spanish Writing) for the Midlands Examination Board
1987 A Level (Oral Spanish) for the Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board

External Reviewing/Assessment

  • External reviewer for The Modern Language Review & The Bulletin of Spanish Studies
  • External assessor in Spanish linguistics for the University of Cardiff’s Pilot Research Assessment Exercise (Feb 2000)